Rocky had Eye of the Tiger


We have Nina Simone with Feeling Good.

Music is powerful. In a moment listening can bring back a vivid memory, make us cry, bring us to our feet needing to shake our groove thing. I love listening to vinyl while in the kitchen with a glass of wine. Cleaning out the fridge and making my weekly creation of leftover vegetables. What will it be this week? While looking ahead to the weeks obligations I will plan around my leftovers first. Zuccini in a lasagna, cauliflower roasted in the oven with buffalo sauce, all the others into a soup. Life and my fridge are full of possibilities.

Feeling Good is the theme song for my life. I put the You Tube link onto the home screen of my phone with a reminder to play it. Its important to remember that we woke up today. We get to do it again. A fresh start to the rest of our lives. A chance to let go of the past and our many attempts at dropping weight, getting healthier. As humans we have a tendency to carry our failures with us like a heavy shawl forever wrapped around our shoulders. Its time to shake that off and step away from it into today. Its a New Day.

Its a new dawn

Its a new day

Its a new life

For me

And Im feeling good

The lyrics in this song remind me to take a breath, stretch, and remember that its a new day for me. Sometimes we need that reminder that our life is all about us. We get lost in the caring for others, physically and emotionally. Everything from running the kids to soccer practice, taking the dog to the vet, worrying about our aging parents, endless mindless chores. Its easy to  get caught up in the day to day business of our lives that we forget to take time for ourselves. To making time to exercise a priority. Who has time to meal plan when your exhausted from all that you do for others?

Its a new day Babe. Time to make you a priority. Trust me. It will be difficult at first to find the time in that busy schedule of yours. Difficult to find the energy to get started. And maybe even difficult to get the family on board. But arent you worth it?

The only answer to that question is Yes I am worth it. Once you get past all the initial obstacles that have been standing in your way life will become simpler. Learning and starting a new project can be challenging. Just tell yourself that this time, this time you will figure it out. This time you will not stop putting your health and fitness journey first. Its a new day and its all about you.

Put Nina on you phone for a while and maybe look around for a song that does it for you. Eye of the Tiger helped Rocky run up those steps. Feeling Good helps me remember it a new day. Find your song.

Oh and Welcome to the Fitness Resolution Tribe. I am working on all kinds of fun stuff to help you on your fitness journey. Join us. Lets do this together.



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