So Now What…

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What next?

First. Take a Breath.

Keep your credit card in your wallet. You know you want to dive right in. Buy all the gear: workout clothes, shoes, gym membership, new food, etc.

Stop. Take a Breath.

You need a Plan.

Let’s get a little organized first.


For the next week log all your food intake. I know. Total drag. You’ve most likely done this before. It’s hard for me to be diligent in this area. I usually start to stray away around day 10. But I’m telling you this works. The moment you start to write it down you become conscious of what you are eating and will even start to make a few changes. It’s magic. You can use a paper notebook. You can use your notes section on your phone then log it into your laptop when you get home. You can use index cards. Doesn’t matter. Use what works for you. Don’t get overanalytical here. Just write the day, date, time of meal/snack, and what you had. It’s not necessary to weigh your food or to be too descriptive here. We are just getting started. Keep it simple and you have a higher chance at being consistent.

Or use a food logging app. We will discuss them at length later. If you want to start now I suggest or Loseit. Both have user friendly formats and are the most popular.


Before heading out to buy more workout clothes check your closet. Yes, it’s in there. Keep looking. Even if you purged your closet recently and did a run to donation we usually keep our workout clothes. Why? Because we never gave up hope.


Footwear is extremely important in the fitness world. We will go into what kind of footwear to buy later. For now I suggest you start with what you have. Give yourself some time to decide what type of exercise you will do on a regular basis. Until then do not go buy those $150 crosstrainers. Just put on your sneakers. They will do just fine.


Hey, we have to look eventually don’t we?

For today…leave it alone. It’s too overwhelming. This is not about throwing it all away and buying specialty food that Mia the Trainer eats. This is all about helping you evolve into a healthier lifestyle. Slowly evolve. If you throw it all away you will do well for a little while then the moment you get stressed or tired of listening to me you will buy more. Leave it alone.

Start this journey with eating what you normally eat. As you progress you will discover what’s important to you and what you don’t really care about but buy out of habit. The grocery store is stressful all by itself. We look for healthy bread for our family and there are 47 selections all screaming at us: low carb, multi-grain, fat free, sugar free, natural, gluten free. And that my friends is just bread. We go thru this drama for each and every item until we say screw it and buy what we know. What we always buy. What our partner and kids will eat. What is on sale.

So. For now. Eat what you normally eat and write it down. We will walk thru the grocery store together.


You knew we were going to get there. Go take a walk. If you have not exercised in quite a while this is enough to start with. If it is hot outside go early in the morning or after dinner. Pace yourself. Many people will be excited and get seriously carried away in this area. Pace yourself. Do not run to the gym and workout with a friend who is athletic. You will be in terrible pain tomorrow or the next day. Then you will be back on the couch watching Netflix. I do love Netflix. Take a walk then watch Netflix.


Tell yourself “I got this!”

One of my training clients was telling me about this last minute dinner she had to cook for guests from her husbands place of business. Since she makes everything from scratch the task ahead sounded daunting for lack of a better word. While we are working out she is sounding out the menu, which sounded quite fabulous and she didn’t even invite me. By the time our training session is over she has figured out her grocery list, and what she had to do thru the day to make all this happen. Her last words before she left is “I got this!” .

Rachel. Hi Rachel. I was tired of typing she. Rachel was such an inspiration to me. I need to tell myself more often “I got this!”. We all need to tell ourselves “I got this!”. Don’t we? Three words can turn our lives around. Make us believe in ourselves. You got this!

This time be Realistic. This time find the Balance.

We will get there together. Keep reading. Keep trying. Make a Resolution.

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