The Journey Begins


postWe all have this vision of ourselves walking on the beach watching the sun go down. The wind is blowing in our hair.  All is well in our world. We feel great in our own bodies. We can run, dance, laugh, and play with our partner or children. Our day has not been filled with thoughts of being self conscious in our clothes or sitting in the sand watching others having fun. If we choose to go biking we are able and actually enjoy it.

This is what I strive for. I want to be able to physically do whatever I wish.  To enjoy life my way. I have no desire to run a marathon or bike 50 miles a day. There are a few times in the summer that I may ride 25 miles throughout the day with friends. Riding leisurely thru the park, having lunch, listening to live music, having dinner and maybe a glass of wine. Taking our time enjoying the weather and just being together having fun. Living life my way.

Fried chicken will always be in my life somewhere. As will deep dish pizza, stout beer, onion rings, martinis, caramel lattes….you get the idea. I’m realistic. I know right? Im a Personal Trainer and Health Coach telling you its ok to have fried chicken.  I know that both you and I will somehow revert back to our favorites. It is going to happen. The invitation for a Bbq will entice me to have that Craft Beer that my friend makes in his garage. To have that 7 layer dip that my friend is famous for. I’m realistic. I know if I’m going I will eat. I may not eat all that I desire but I will eat and drink quite merrily. It’s all about the balance. The next few days after the decadent Bbq I will get it in gear and clean it up. My food choices will help me get back to where I was before all those indulgences.This is all about finding the balance so you can physically do whatever makes you happy while occasionally enjoying some of your not so healthy but delicious food choices.


I had read an interview with Jillian Micheals ( the Biggest Loser trainer) by a fitness magazine years ago. She was on that months cover and had a large 6 page spread with her doing these amazing exercises by the pool. Jillian had trained hard for 2 months to get ready for the photo shoot. Training 4-6 hours a day with a very restricted diet. Her body looked physically incredible making the complicated exercises appear effortless and easy for all of us to do at home for just 20 minutes a day. She trained for 2 months 4-6 hours a day yet we only have to train 20 minutes a day to look like that. When asked what was the first thing she was going to do after this grueling training marathon she put herself thru, her reply was to go have a tremendous amount of nachos with margaritas at her favorite mexican restaurant. This is not real life for most of us. We do not have the time (or desire) to train 4-6 hours a day. We have work, children, obligations, netflix calling us to come home.


We have to be real with ourselves about what do we want. We have to be real with ourselves about how to get there. What do you want? Do you want to run a marathon, be able to play with the kids at the park, look good in a swimsuit? This is personal. Its all about you. Be realistic and ask yourself what do you want.  Then find the balance and get there.


No. Its not New Years. We make Resolutions to ourselves constantly. Everytime we tell ourselves I’ll start monday. Monday I will go on a diet. I will lose 30 lbs by the wedding, by vacation, by summer. I will. Everytime we say I will we are making a resolution to ourselves. We will go buy all the gear. Empty our fridge of what we deem fat food. Maybe join a gym and hire a grueling trainer to beat us up for a while. Some of us will make it. You know those people. At work, or a friend who drops 30 pounds which we think was effortless. Yes we hate them a little. Trust me it wasnt effortless. But we walk away while being momentarily happy for them we berate ourselves because we keep stumbling and not quite getting there. Its good to make resolutions. That means we are still trying. When we give up while feeling bad about ourselves then we put on even more weight.

This time be Realistic. This time find the Balance.

We will get there together. Keep reading. Keep trying. Make a Resolution.



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